Portable Crushing Services:

Ewles Materials offers two portable crushing plant:  the large production plant for those jobs exceeding 50,000 tons and a our smaller plant featuring a compact footprint design that enables us to handle those tight jobs and smaller quantities. Both of our crushing plants employ jaw and cone crushers. These crushing devices are extremely reliable and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you have concrete and asphalt to crush or natural rock, we have the right equipment to get your job done.


Our largest production plant is capable of crushing 500 tons per hour. Its equipment consists of a 30''x 55'' jaw and 400 hp cone crusher with an 8' x 20' screen. This plant is extremely versatile, and is capable of producing 3 products at once. Additionally, stockpiling is no problem for this plant as a 150-foot telescoping stacker belt is available. No job is too big for this plant

Ewles smaller plant is capable of crushing 250 tons per hour. It is designed for smaller jobs and can be easily positioned in locations where accessibility and space is limited. It has just two trailers, a primary with a jaw crusher and a secondary unit with a screen and cone on it.